About Jonathan’s Work

Two major interlinked themes inform Jonathan’s work. Firstly, how physical changes to our environment have an impact on visual culture and, secondly, how artists engage with the concept of regeneration to inform their work. From within this framework, Jonathan creates 3D artwork that emerges from the literal sense, or locus of 'regeneration' and that reflects this in its appearance and in the manner of its realisation. In other words, the work draws on the common contemporary meaning of the word in reference to physical sites of urban regeneration while linking it to the artist’s actual techniques, ideas and modes of practice such as assemblage and ready mades. Jonathan use materials in his artwork that are associated literally with regeneration, such as found objects from brownfield sites, recycled building materials, tools and other equipment transforming them into indoor 3D wall mounted sculptures.

Jonathan’s work is minimalist in nature in the way he uses colour, but at the same time, complex in its physical form in the way he uses materials to construct his work. Jonathan’s artistic techniques and use of materials have been strongly influenced by working in the construction industry since his teens.


Jonathan has been producing and exhibiting his artwork professionally for over 12 years. Between 1995 and 1996 Jonathan attended Central St Martins where he completed a diploma in Arts and Design, followed by a degree in History with Irish Studies. After his degree he returned to art with the support from the Princes Trust for his first solo exhibition. Since then Jonathan has had 14 solo exhibitions of his work and has been selected for over 20 group exhibitions, in Britain, Ireland and China. In 2015 Jonathan was accepted as member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, which is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the art form.